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Choosing Carpentry Services to Fit Your Home Improvment Needs

Carpentry services and home improvements go hand in hand. How is that, you ask? Well, let me begin by saying, 95% of all home improvements require carpentry skills in one form or another.

On most construction projects, carpenters are the go to guy for the other tradesmen when they have a question or concern related to a specific detail or operation. Simply, because in addition to their own work. The master carpenter directs the work of other trades.

carpentry services, home improvements

Carpenters play a vital role in building and remodeling

So, how does one choose the right carpenter for when carpentry services are required? That’s a good question my friend and one that I can answer for you. Frankly, because I have 30 plus years service as a carpenter.

First, as a warning… Don’t hire the door-to-door home improvement salesperson. I know you’ve seen them. They’re the ones who will promise you the world and tell you the discounted price will go up tomorrow just to get your signature on the dotted line, they’ll ask for a large deposit then wash their hands of you.

Weeks later… The expected craftsman shows up at your door to start the job but as it turns out he is an inexperienced carpenter who in no way can fulfill the promises made by the salesman.

Hey, it’s not his fault. After all, he is just a guy who happened to be down on his luck and is now picking up where he left off in his carpentry career to work for sub-standard wages. The job that was supposed to wrap up in a few days has now dragged on for a month or more.

Meanwhile the company he is working for enjoys a big increase in their profit margin.  By the way, be sure to ask if they guarantee their work. A reputable contractor will guarantee their work for at least one year.

No doubt, you have heard a horrifying story or two about someone’s experience with a shady con-tractor. They are out there and have made life harder for the reputable carpenter contractor.

Listen, the good guys wait for you to call them. They don’t go knocking on a person’s door, the one who just had a tree crash through their roof.

Best way to find a reliable carpentry services is by talking with someone you trust who has already had some carpentry services done. If they were pleased or displeased with the work, they will tell you. If you can’t think of anyone off hand then maybe a friend of a friend recently had some work done. You might have to make a few phone calls to gain some prospects.

If you are not sure that the carpentry service you select is the right one for you, start them out on a small project to get a feel of the type of work they do. Look for quality, competence, personality, how well they clean up their mess at the end of the day and so on.

Planning on having some major remodeling done? If so, keep this in mind. Some of these remodeling jobs can last a few months. Whether you realize it or not, the carpenters and other tradesmen will at your place for a while. You and your family are going to develop a relationship with them. It should be a good one.

Relax, competent tradesmen, those who have been trained in their field (despite any rumors you may have heard), are some of the kindest and honorable people there are. As a matter of fact, I’ve found many to be quite sophisticated. They might live a simplified life and some might be a bit rough around the edges but that does not condemn their character.

Owning your home requires maintance and the occasional upgrades, kitchen, baths and so on. Granted, the smaller home improvements or maintenance projects you can do yourself. But, it would be wise to outsource carpentry services for those major upgrades, because a building permit is usually required and other trades and services will be involved in order to get the job done right. In other words, up to code, which helps when you decide to sell.

Do you ever wonder if your home improveme

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Sep 17

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carpentry services, contractor

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